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My name is Diana, but you guys can call me just Di. I'm Director & Chief Editor of the BEYOND BORDERS International magazine ( and mad traveler. I was in more than 40 countries around the world and, perhaps, I will never stop! Now I'm going for the long 4 months trip (from Tibet to New Zeland) with my best friend, Lucky Alenushka. If you will be so kind to accept us for the night, or, have a meet and show the great places of your country, you will make us the happiest girls in all world! And, for sure, you will be one of the heroes of our huge trip, about that I will write in the Beyond Borders international magazine. If you want to have some fun, try to learn Russian, or Russian Borsh, or hear a lot of crazy stories about the travels — just chat me! Hope to see you all soon, hug! Your Di.

+7 917 141 86 56

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