3Pulse.com - is the website that helps you to save the memories of your previous travels, inspire on the new ones, plan and realize them.

We - Vladimir Prokoshev and Olga Kot - are creating this website for more than 5 years without any investments. At the same time we are constantly traveling and during the site's lifetime we managed to visit 63 countries of the world and this number is constantly increasing. We always plan and realize our travels independently, that's why we know better than anyone, what is important for the ideal travel.

On 3Pulse.com you can:

  • Create your own travel map and mark the countries, cities and sights you have visited
  • Ask your questions to the experienced travelers while planning your new trip or during your travel
  • Find out or add the prices in the countries and cities you have visited or in the city you are living now
  • Add the stories of your travels and read the posts of other travelers
  • Add photos and reviews of your visited places
  • Rate them to help other travelers choose their next destination

On 3Pulse.com we use following technologies:

  • GeoNames.org - The GeoNames geographical database covers all countries and contains over eleven million placenames that are available for download free of charge.
  • Countries Flags - designed by Freepik from Flaticon