3Pulse.com team appreciates your trust and respects your right for personal data protection. This Privacy Policy applies to all information, which website 3Pulse.com, located on the domain name https://3pulse.com, can get about the User while he is using the website and it's services. Please, read our Privacy Policy carefully to get the clear understanding of the way we collect, use and protect your personal data.

What personal data do we get from our users?

During registration on the website User enters his login and email (or with the User's permission we get them automatically from social network - Facebook) with the help of which User registers on the website. Further while completing his profile User can specify his name, surname, location, date of birth, sex and add his photo. If registration was made through the social network Facebook, this data with User's permission is got automatically.

Besides while using different website's services User can mark the countries, cities and sights he has visited.

How do we use your personal data?

We can use your personal data which we get during your registration in order to:

  • Make your interaction with the website more personalized and help you see the content which is more interesting and relevant to you.
  • Improve our website and make it more interesting, convenient and useful for you.
  • Give you the opportunity to rate and add your reviews of the countries, cities and sights you have visited.
  • Inform you about our updates, interesting journal posts, questions about the places you have visited and so on.

We also display your personal data (except your email address) on the website pages, including the time of your last visit.

Cookies and Local storage usage

Cookies - are small files which the website sends to your computer through your web-browser (if you allow that), which help the website to recognize your browser and to save certain information.

Local storage - is the local storage of your browser where we can write, read and delete certain data.

We use Cookies and Local storage in order to:

  • Remember your preferences based on your previous or current activity on the website which helps us to provide you the most relevant content.
  • Avoid you from signing in every time you visit our website. We save the information in cookies file, which is stored in your browser for 90 days from your last visit.
  • Show you the most relevant advertisements.
  • Get the statistics of user's visits.

Transfer of information to third parties

We don't sell or in any other way transfer your personal data to third parties, except for our website's hosting.

3Pulse.com gives you the opportunity to use the services of our partners. They may have their own systems tracking your behavior on our website. They all have their own Privacy Policies so we are not responsible for the content and actions of these partner sites. But we are doing our best to carefully select our partners and are grateful for your feedback about our partner sites.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy you can always reach us through support@3pulse.com

Last modified: 08.04.2016