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After time even the most incredible trips fade from the memory. Dates and events get confused. Details get much harder to keep in mind.

On becoming PRO, you will get

Trip itineraries

Save your travel and visualize them in a new interactive way. Travel itinerary on the map. Specification by countries and cities. Photos and stories from the visited places. Unique opportunity to experience your travels over and over again and share them with your friends.

Expanded travel statistics

Find out new surprising details of your trips with our expanded statistics. The amount of visited countries, cities and sights by year and month. Total amount of days spent in travels. The number of kilometers passed along the way. The most visited categories of sights. Separate pages of each visited country, city and sight with your photos and reviews.You can't even imagine how many insights about your travels you will get.

Places map

Regular graphic map shows only your visited countries with the color gradation depending on the depth of your coverage of each of them. Places map gives you the opportunity to fully appreciate your travels and shows all your visited cities and sights in each country.

Unlimited photo upload

Upload the unlimited amount of photos from your travels. Organize them by countries and categories. Enjoy them yourself and show them to your friends.

Upgraded Travel map

Mark your visited places by selecting them on the map. Get the detailed statistics on each of your visited countries.

Improved profile

It is your traveller business card. It includes the expanded travel statistics, your travel map and travel histories, photos from your trips and a PRO label.

PRO support service

Priority time of response to your questions. in numbers


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About us

We help travellers save and share their travel memories founders

Vladimir Prokoshev

Solve technical issues

Olga Kot

Responsible for texts and photos

We - Vladimir Prokoshev and Olga Kot - are developing this project for more than 10 years. It started out like a regular travel blog. Later we invented and implemented different free services for travellers such as: Travel map, Questions and Answers, Prices in the world, Travel lists and many others. We do not attract investments because we want to develop this project together with users rather than guided by investor requirements. By getting PRO account you support the further development and improvement of the service and help us make it even more useful for you and other members


Why should I buy PRO account on

Buying PRO account on you get:

  • ability to create your Travel histories
  • your current trip record
  • expanded statistics of your travel
  • no advertising on the website
  • ability to upload the unlimited amount of photos
  • PRO badge

Will the basic account always be free?

Yes, the basic account and all it's features will be free on the permanent basis.

What payment methods do you support?

We work with the payment system ЮKassa which accepts Visa, MasterCard and Maestro credit cards. You can also pay by electronic money like ЮMoney, WebMoney and QIWI Wallet. Some e-banks transactions are also accepted

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We mainly work on in Turku, Finland

Vladimir, co-founder