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The Opera House was a sight for sore eyes...absolutely magnificent. The Harbour Bridge I never got to climb… sad about that


It's a City I feel you can visit and see it all comfortably in a month worth of time. The general skim off the top of a city you'd need to say I've done Sydney. However, I feel Sydney is a great city to live in. The people though at times can be rude are generally pleasant and accommodating.
There’s a good mix of things to do in the city and outside of it. Especially if you are into seaside cliffs and beach life. Sydney has plenty of that. Stay here long enough and you find yourself saying yea, I think I could live here.

If you’re a culture buff, there’s plenty going on in the local and international theatre scene, there’s some really amazing art galleries and even the general large galleries are great to visit, bringing works from varied sources while still maintaining a strong support for local aboriginal art of Australia.

If Music is your thing, Sydney is often a stop for most major acts from around the world, I’ve been to Wu Tang’s concert, Action Bronson came down too and stopped the performance half way to go get some Pakistani Naan & Curry down the street from Enmore theatre.

If food is your thing, well Sydney has that covered in the droves for you. Literally every corner of Sydney is hiding something special to me. I explored more of my Chinese culture through cuisine in Sydney in 3 years than all my life in Singapore. Name a province and there’s at least one place repping their home dishes, from Szechuan, Hunan, Fuchou, Canto, Hakka, Xing Jiang (which is generally halal for my muslim friends) and many others. I tried Sri Lankan Food as well for the first time in Sydney, Appam. Korean food is pretty big here too, if you want good Korean food, strathfield is the place to go for me. Just skip the Singapore food, I felt insulted when I saw the Katong Laksa served with Beef instead of cockles.
Drinks? Don’t worry, Sydney has you covered. Plenty of drinking holes there for you to enjoy your beers, wine and what have you. Although if you want a good place for wines? I’d go to these places, 10 William St, Dolphin Hotel, Wyno, Poly, Ester, Where’s Nick, Continental Bistro, Fratelli Paradiso, Belles Hot Chicken (Really no shit, fried chicken and mad wine game), Albertos.

And you should check out Sydney’s Coffee Scene as well. Campos has you covered for that classic good spro you needed, Single origin, Sample coffee and Artificer can satisfy your brew cravings. Serving up their own roasts using beans from around the world.