Exchange student life in Germany 2018/2019


I'm so lucky to have this awesome opportunity.

I've been chose to exchange in Schweinfurt which is indeed a tiny city, but it's truly good at logistics which is related to my major.
To walk out of my comfort zone was difficult, I had to fight against loneliness and fear. Although it was just 6 months more or less, I just couldn't stand and burst out in my bed sometimes before I fell asleep. There was someone in «Sense 8» ever said that «Fear never fixed things.» And now, it has become my most effective motto ever.

I set several goals for myself.
1) To live independent
2) To finish most of my thesis
3) To travel as much as I can
4) To learn German

I was just a Master student who faced the graduation issue. Then, I met Peik, a professor who gave me a lot of suggestions and advice which pushed me to finish 60% of my work while I was in Germany. We had a meeting twice a week then, and he comprised me that «You made such a big progress! It would be fantastic if my German students can be like you...» To me, it's indeed a great encouragement…

In my free time, I planned to travel. Try new things, meet some friends, travel alone!

To be continued…

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