Part III: The road to unknown ...


Initially I was trying to follow the google map, hoping that my prince didn’t put me on a first available bus just to get rid of me, but soon enough as the adrenaline level was going down and the warm soft shoulder of an African queen lulled me to sleep and I lost battle with Morpheus.

-Mzumga, toilet, — mamma slightly elbowed me. — 5 minutes for a bathroom break.

23.45. How long to Gisenyi? I came out, rubbed my eyes and looked around — some kind of a forest and a tiny wooden box on the side that was à la turque style. That small but valuable piece of art was lit up and blinking like a Christmas tree and extremely loud music was attracting hungry mosquitos — I passed!

I decided to walk around a bit and stretch my legs a bit — what was it? Where the most delicious smell of freshly na led bread was coming from? Only then I realized I forgot to change my Lincolns for Rwandans francs… At least after some inspection of my backpack, I found a banana that smuggled from the aircraft! Anyway, they say it’s not good for hips to eat at night… but sometimes cheat nights are allowed…

When I got back, my fellow passengers were passionately chomping on their bread rolls, and my big sister, after seeing hunger in my blue eyes, had pity and shared a significant piece of her sandwich with me.

Satisfied my hunger, I thought I had to use time productively (as the next day was THE day!), and comfortably nestling against my new friend broad shoulder, I let Morpheus to take me in his arms again.

-Hello, hello, — big sister elbowed me again. — Gisenyi.

Gisenyi? 2am. 10km to Congolese border. I looked around — some kind of abandoned patrol station and guys on motorbikes… Hell no, I am not jumping on a steal horse, not even with Prince Charming!

-Sister, I beg you, don’t leave me alone here! Tell our bus driver to take us to my guesthouse, — I clenched her rotund arm. — Please, I will pay!

Maybe it’s my innocent face, or maybe I have a good karma (spit there times left and right and knock on wood!), but my new “relative” signed deeply and rolled her eyes. — What would you do without me, mzunga? Hurry, give me the address of your place!

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