Prices in Brazil



1 USD = 5,17 BRL

Prices in cafes and restaurants

1.  Average bill in cheap local cafe

20 BRL

2.  Average bill in tourist restaurant

45.50 BRL

3.  Cup of cappuccino


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Prices on products in supermarkets

1.  Bottle of water 0,5 liter

1.50 BRL

2.  Bottle of wine 0.75 liter

30 BRL

3.  Bottle of milk 1 liter

3.69 BRL

4.  Tomato 1 kg


5.  Banana 1 kg


6.  Oranges 1 kg


Prices of accommodation rental

1.  Rent of 1-bedroom apartment per month

1000 BRL

Transportation costs

1.  Price of one-way ticket in public transport

3.20 BRL

2.  Price of 1 liter of petrol 95

4.50 BRL

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We got information about prices in Brazil on food in cafes and restaurants, products in supermarkets, accommodation rental and transportation costs based on the data of 2 people. At the moment, prices have been added to such cities as Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro.

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