Prices in Cuba


Based on the data of 1 person, we got information about prices in Cuba on food in cafes and restaurants, products in supermarkets, accommodation rental and transportation costs. At the moment, prices have been added to the city Havana.

We analyzed the average prices in Cuba and calculated that one day in country will cost you 44 Cuban pesos.

SubjectMin priceMax priceAverage price

Prices in cafes and restaurants

1. Average bill in cheap local cafe2,002,002,00
2. Average bill in tourist restaurant10,0010,0010,00
3. Cup of cappuccino2,002,002,00

Prices on products in supermarkets

1. Bottle of water 0,5 liter0,500,500,50
2. Bottle of local beer 0,5 liter0,600,600,60
3. Bottle of imported beer 0,5 liter1,251,251,25
4. Bottle of wine 0.75 liter8,008,008,00
5. Bottle of Coca-Cola 0.5 liter1,001,001,00
6. Bottle of milk 1 liter2,402,402,40
7. Loaf of bread 0.5 kg1,001,001,00
8. Cheese 1 kg8,108,108,10

Prices of accommodation rental

1. Double room in budget hostel25,0025,0025,00
2. Double room in average hotel (3-4 stars)70,0070,0070,00

Transportation costs

1. Price of a taxi ride (average cost of trip in the city)7,007,007,00
2. Price of 1 liter of petrol 951,001,001,00

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