Prices in Myanmar Burma



1 USD = 1872,66 MMK

Prices in cafes and restaurants

1.  Average bill in cheap local cafe

6180 MMK

2.  Average bill in tourist restaurant

14981 MMK

3.  Cup of cappuccino

3745 MMK

Prices on products in supermarkets

1.  Bottle of local beer 0,5 liter

1873 MMK

2.  Bottle of imported beer 0,5 liter

6554 MMK

3.  Bottle of milk 1 liter

2996 MMK

4.  Tomato 1 kg

3933 MMK

5.  Oranges 1 kg

4869 MMK

6.  Apples 1 kg

4494 MMK

7.  Chicken breasts 1 kg

8427 MMK

8.  Eggs 10 pieces

2622 MMK

Prices of accommodation rental

1.  Bed in 8-beds dormitory

18727 MMK

2.  Double room in budget hostel

46816 MMK

3.  Rent of 1-bedroom apartment per month

842697 MMK

4.  Average price for utilities per month

88015 MMK

5.  Cost of internet per month

159176 MMK

Transportation costs

1.  Price of a taxi ride (average cost of trip in the city)

7491 MMK

2.  Price of 1 liter of petrol 95

1873 MMK

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