Best free attractions of New York


What are the best free attractions, museums, memorials etc. in New York city? Thank you in advance!

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empire state, statue of liberty, Guggenheim Museum, Battery Park
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For free attractions you have The High Line, Battery Park, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Bronx Zoo (on wednesdays)
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The Rockefeller building, the High Line and Roosevelt Island!
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Intrepid Museum, Brooklin Bridge (you can walk throw it from Manhattan to Brooklin and then use subway), Ellis Island (near the Liberty Island)The best food place — Chelsea Market — super tasty lobsters!
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Ground Zero is for free and really worth while visiting!!! There's a number of free museums around the city but there are so many sightseeing that are much more better that those museums with history and bla.bla.bla…
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ship from Manhattan to New Jersey
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The Yacht Marina, Central Park and the Monument- Former World Trade Center.
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7 must see
Statue of Liberty, Charging Bull (Wall Street), Time Square, 911 Memorial, Empire state Building, United Nation Capital, Manhattan Fish Market

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