What to do in Australia for 3 weeks?


I am planning a 3 weeks to Australia, and I want to know the essentials.

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Depends on where you are going. Sydney is great, if going there do the bridge climb — assuming you are not afraid of heights! You need to book — I booked a late afternoon climb and when were at the top it was dusk so the city started to light up. It was a great view. Use the tourist buses — hop on and hop off. It was a while since I was there — so from memory there were 3 different routes. I brought in advance a weekly pass. The underground/trains are also good. If out and about at night on the platform edge of most stations is an area marked 'night time travel' (or something like that). If you board the train in that area it is a carriage that is busy, so you feel safe. Bondi beach is also a must, if the weather is nice. Try and get a behind the scenes tour of the Opera House and a boat trip around the harbour.

I also had a weekend at Ayres Rock/Uluru — if you can make a trip here, do a sun rise trip and sun set trip to the rock, on a clear day the colours are spectacular. I also took a helicopter ride over the rock and nearby Algors.

Melbourne is a very friendly place. The war memorial area is huge and very moving. If it it's still going there is an old colonial restaurant tram that serves amazing good old English fayre. You travel the streets of the city whilst been fed. A tip to Victoria Market is a must. The coach driver said you can buy almost anything there including great aussie gifts all made in china!!! I also took a trip to the Dandinongs mountain range. A trip up the tower (sorry can't remember it's name) gives spectacular views. If the grand prix isn't on you can have a walk/drive around the circuit — if it's on then you can enjoy it!

If you have time a trip down the Great Ocean Road is spectacular — it runs from Melbourne to Adelaide — you don't have to do all of it — I only did just over half and stopped overnight about 1/2 way along the route that I did. The main sights are nearer to the Melbourne End. There will be day trips and overnight trips I’m sure from Melbourne/Adelaide. (I was lucky as family drove me)

I also went to Perth. Another amazing city. Freemantle is a great area. The Bell Tower is interesting. The waterfront another great area. I also did a trip to the Pinnacles – fantastic rock formations in the desert and Rotnest Island (it’s an old Aboriginal prison) and day tips run from Perth Harbour.

I was in Aus for 4 and a bit weeks so you probably won't get chance to do everything I said. Like I say it depends on where you’re going as it's such a vast country. I also spent time out in the sticks 5/6 hours drive from Melbourne with my family — I haven’t covered this as I know it's not the average place where tourists go to and I know you won't have time to go off track so to speak. Sorry for the long reply — like I said it’s a vast country with lots going and lots of places to see. Enjoy your trip. You’ll want to stay longer or go back as I do one day!
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Lord Howe Island is a must for a week
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