Any interesting places in Beijing?


I will go there on April. Thanks for recommendations!

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Go to Hutong-the old towm. Everyone visit the Forbidden city and the wall, about 70 km. away of Beijing… Don't miss the summer palace/complex of Imperatriss Si..! Also the Ming dinasty tombs/complex and the temple of Geaven, but the last one in the early morning so you can enjoy the people gathering there for Tai-Chi, playing Ma Jong or just playing cards and some playing guitars… Lama temple too. exeptional place. Visit also the muslim quarter by night, where street cooks make and offering food all over the place.
Thank you for all your information
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I was in Beijing for 7 hours only. It was a time between two flights on my way to Seoul. So I couldn't visit many places. I chose Forbidden City and I didn't regret about it. It's worthy! But I want to warn about long queue to ticket office. If you go in Forbidden City you won't go out without ticket. I didn't know it so I wasn't late to my flight to Seoul:)
Thank you for giving such an amazing answer
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I was in Beijing for 7 days, In fact it was too long, if you have a time- take a flight to Shanghai- Highly recommended.
I think 4 days are enough to explore all the main attractions like the forbidden city, the wall (take the Bus 916 express from Dongzhimen to Mutianyu)
this link helped me a lot -->
Read about the forbidden city, You mush have a ticket

Another attractions
1. Sanlitun — great shopping mall
2. CCTV headquarters — 234m height — very interesting building.
3. Honggiao market — huge marketplace — famous for trading in pearls.
I enjoyed a lot to bargain- it was like a sport :)
4. Zhengyang gate
5. Tiananmen — a place must see!

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