Please advise interesting places to visit in Romania


I will arrive to Buharest for weekend. If you know really interesting places to visit / eat /entertainment etc please advise! Thank you!

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Hello Elena,
You really should visit Peles Castle (Sinaia), it's about one hour and half away from Bucharest with train. And about food, I think that the best eat place in town is: Caru' cu Bere (The Beer-Chariot Of Charm) — you should try «Sarmale» — traditional romanian food.
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Hi, Elena! The most interesting place in Bucharest for me was the Palace of Parliament. It is really huge and impressive. It's the largest administrative building in the world. I really recommend taking a guided tour in the Palace of Parliament. It's beautiful from inside: marble, columns, like a museum!
And also there are some very nice parks in Bucharest.
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Hey Elena! Bucharest has her vibes.
You may go to Park Parcul Regele Mihai I al României — One of my favourite places in Bucharest! This is the biggest park in Bucharest, inside it u will find the biggest beer hall in Europe, a great museum, lots of statues randomly placed in the park, lots of great restaurants ( including Hard Rock Cafe ), a mini amusement park and so on. Definitely worth a visit!

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