Please advise interesting places to visit in Romania


I will arrive to Buharest for weekend. If you know really interesting places to visit / eat /entertainment etc please advise! Thank you!

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Hello Elena,
You really should visit Peles Castle (Sinaia), it's about one hour and half away from Bucharest with train. And about food, I think that the best eat place in town is: Caru' cu Bere (The Beer-Chariot Of Charm) — you should try «Sarmale» — traditional romanian food.
Absolutly agree! :)
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Hi, Elena! The most interesting place in Bucharest for me was the Palace of Parliament. It is really huge and impressive. It's the largest administrative building in the world. I really recommend taking a guided tour in the Palace of Parliament. It's beautiful from inside: marble, columns, like a museum!
And also there are some very nice parks in Bucharest.
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Hey Elena! Bucharest has her vibes.
You may go to Park Parcul Regele Mihai I al României — One of my favourite places in Bucharest! This is the biggest park in Bucharest, inside it u will find the biggest beer hall in Europe, a great museum, lots of statues randomly placed in the park, lots of great restaurants ( including Hard Rock Cafe ), a mini amusement park and so on. Definitely worth a visit!
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Huditeanu, Thank you! I have Sinaia in my plans too!
Other castles as well in the Brasov, rasnov Transylvania area are really nice
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The national museum in Bucarest!
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Craiova, the city itself has a different vibe
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I think you have a lot to do in Bucharest and around. It's full of amazing buildings and museums, but not only this. You can go to the National Museums of History and Art and you can go to a concert at the Romanian Atheneum
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Bukarest not t atractive city, but the parlament building size is biggest in the world. But the countryside is so amazing just take care the bears :D
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Visit the mountains and country side.
Visit Sinai, Brasov, rasnov and the castles.
Visit the nightclubs and nightlife in Bucharest.
Try the local food and wine and tripe soup in the local restaurants.

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