How many days is just nice to visit Israel?


How many days should be enough to cover the main sightseeing of this country?
is 6d5n enough to cover the main and attractive city? If you can give your suggestion of the city to spend the night. Thanks in advance!

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It depends on your preferred tempo of traveling. For a quick sightseeing 5-6 days might be enough.
I would recommend 2 days in Jerusalem, and a day at the Dead sea.
And a day at Tel Aviv. Caesaria, Haifa, Acre, one day. Tiberia and the Golan heights, one more.
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I’m going for 4 weeks. I’ll take short side trips to Jordon and Egypt since I am in that region. Petra and Cairo. I have planned my itinerary and need a full 3 weeks to see everything in Israel alone. Mostly ancient and Biblical sites, but a few museums as well. And of course to float in the Dead Sea.
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Better 2 weeks. The rent car — it's the good idea, Distances are not long. Dead Sea, Haifa, Tel-Avive, Jerusalem, Eilat, Zefat, Nazareth, and you can have a night in the desert's camping
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7 nights/6 days or 6 nights/5 days is about enough for a touristic visit to most and main sight seeings.However one does not need to spend a whole day at dead sea if does not intend to get «younger» with the grease..:) My suggestion is 2 days Tel Aviv from where you visit most attractions north… A day or two in Jerusalem and I personally would stay a whole day in Bethlehem. However here we talk only main sightseeings, but you wanna visit Erichon, Ramalla and other palestinian cities tihis would be a different program…
great suggestion. many thanks
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Depends on what do you want to do.
nightlife & beach
The main attractions in Israel are
1. Jerusalem (The western wall & Mount Zion & Yad Vashem & King David's Tomb)
2. Haifa (Bahá’í Gardens)
3. Beit Lehhem/ Natzaret
4. Sea of Galilee
5. Masada National Park
6. Eilat (Dolphin Reef) — The most southern city in Israel.
7. Caesarea National Park
8. Rosh HaNikra grottoes
9. Tel Aviv & Jaffa (Carmel Market & Jaffa's Flea Market)
10. Ein Avdat National Park (A canyon in the Negev Desert)
Hope you have a great time in Israel.
The country is might too small but really special.
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Yes, 6 days are enough. You can spend 1 day in Jerusalem, 1 day on the Dead Sea, one day to visit north: Haifa and Akko. And the rest time (including tine in between) spend in Tel-Aviv. I highly recomend to rent a car.
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My 1st time in Israel was a 6 week tour. There are still sites that I have yet to see!
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IF you are a history buff AND you have a car I would say you're going to have some serious eliminations in a week. I spent 14 days there with lodgings and a vehicle but that included many historic sites, swimming in the Dead Sea, and travelling from the Golan Heights to Avdat National Park in the southern Negev desert, Haifa to the Jordan River. Check to see if you can go to Israel and any of it's neighbouring countries with the same passport…
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Better off spending your time in PALESTINE
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7 nights was ok for me. You can visit a lot of cities and places, but in this case you should rent a car.

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