Things to see in Moscow in 4 days?


I will be in Moscow at the end of March. Is it very cold then? is there any daytrip from Moscow that I shouldn't miss, like Jasnaja Polana? Thanks in advance!

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I was there in February and was very very cold, -18. Is possible that in March to be much better.
But if you pass the cold and you are dressed in laters for all the types of weather Russia is indeed impressive and you will see a lot of beautiful things.
Great, thank you :)
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In the end of March it should be around +5 or even +10. So rather warm.
For a one day trip you can travel to 3 small towns with old churches and monasteries (all on the same direction) Sergiev Posad, Pereyaslavl-Zalesski and Kalyazin.
Great idea, thanks :)
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Last year at the end of March (29-31) the temperature was about 0. It's pretty cold and uncomfortable, so you for sure need good clothes. There are a lot of things to see in Moscow during 4 days: river cruise, Moscow city and observation desk, Novodevichiy monastery, Kremlin, Kolomenskoye, Kyskovo, Tsaritsyno, VDNH, museos inside the Kremlin, Pushkinskiy museum, cathedrals…
Thank you so much!
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Hey! It shouldn't be too cold at the end of March. Depending on your interests, there are plenty of museums & theatres in Moscow. Yasnaya Polyana isn't a bad idea at all. But, personally, I think you would be much more impressed by visiting the historic places along the Golden Ring of Russia.
Thanks for suggestion :)
You're welcome! :)
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I‘m from Moscow and this year we didn‘t even have a proper winter. It was snowing for less than a week and all winter was around -6/+3. Right now it’s +9, so definitely will be warmer by the the end of the month. As for what to see, I‘m surprised that you‘ve picked Jasnaya Polyana, as it is much better to pick two cities of the Golden ring like Suzdal and Vladimir (they’re really close to each other) or Jaroslavl. I would suggest to spend only one day on Kremlin, another on a foot walk around Boulevard ring with cafes and bars and one for an outside trip, but close one.
As an architect I was giving some lectures about Moscow and was guiding foreigners through city, so if you have any additional questions — I’m ready to help.
Thanks Sasha! I decided to explore only Moscow and leave day trips for some other time. My plan is next:
1. Red square, Lenin's mausoleum, Christ the saviour, Kremlin, Alexander's garden
2.VDNKH and museum of cosmonautics, Pushkin museum, Arbat street, Sparrow hill
3.Izmailovo kremlin with market, Tretyakov gallery
4. Relaxed walking, Bolshoi theatre, metro tour
What do you think? :)
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this winter in Moscow it’s not at all cold
Good to know :)
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Ruins of Kremlin would be nice…

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