Things to see in Moscow in 4 days?


I will be in Moscow at the end of March. Is it very cold then? is there any daytrip from Moscow that I shouldn't miss, like Jasnaja Polana? Thanks in advance!

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I was there in February and was very very cold, -18. Is possible that in March to be much better.
But if you pass the cold and you are dressed in laters for all the types of weather Russia is indeed impressive and you will see a lot of beautiful things.
Great, thank you :)
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In the end of March it should be around +5 or even +10. So rather warm.
For a one day trip you can travel to 3 small towns with old churches and monasteries (all on the same direction) Sergiev Posad, Pereyaslavl-Zalesski and Kalyazin.
Great idea, thanks :)