What would you recommend to visit in Germany first of all?


Tell your favourite travel destination in Germany.

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Visited 80 countries, 237 cities, 198 places
Berlin, because the history and isle of museums
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Berlin is worth quite a long stay indeed! Just walking around it's neighborhoods and visiting museums is an amazing experience. Also Bavaria region has lots of amazing cities and sceneries to offer. And the Cologne cathedral is a true masterpiece!
Dresden is fabulous
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Bayern, München, Bad Reichenhall, Berchtesgaden, Bayerische Alpen.
Aber auch schöne landteile sind Leizig, Dresden, Halle und die ganze Sachsen Anhalt.
Kann man nicht die schönste Platz nennen.
Visited 41 countries, 620 cities, 236 places
Berlin a fascinating city with, obviously!, a lot of recent history.

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