Where is the best place to visit in Mexico for a first timer?


I’m travelling to Mexico in December- is there anywhere that really stands out? Thanks in advance!

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I would definitely visit Mexico City and stay somewhere in the Old Quarter. The hotels are fabulous, not outrageously expensive and you can find some nice boutiques in old buildings. There's plenty to do in Mexico City and lots of great food — if you're a foodie. We also visited Oacaca — great old town in south central Mexico and, if you like the beach, try Santa Maria Huatulco. Warm and clear waters (yes, even in the Pacific) and great weather pretty much all the time. Enjoy!
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Playa del Carmen, for sure! From there you can visit Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, chichen itza, e muito mais. Resorts maravilhosos e acessiveis. A cidade é uma gracinha também!
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Mexico city and Teotihuacan (the Aztec ruins/pyramids are stunning).
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I would go to Chiapas (San Cristobal de Las Casas) to live the real mexican life (not touristic places made for Americans)
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Cancun, if you are young and look for action
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Isla Mujeres for sure. Most beautiful island, great food and people! Just make sure to stay near Playa Norte, it is the nicest beach area on the island.
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Mexico city
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México City and surrondings are a must. if you want to visit authentic México go to Oaxaca, Guadalajara or Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende. If you are interested for nice beach go to the Mexican Caribe.
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I would not go Mexico again… dangerous country.
ugh — it's massive, and much is safe & wonderful
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Cabo san lucas
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first timei think Cancun and area tulum, coba.

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