Prices in Sri Lanka



1 USD = 302,94 LKR

Prices in cafes and restaurants

1.  Average bill in cheap local cafe

356 LKR

2.  Average bill in tourist restaurant

1220 LKR

3.  Big Mac combo set (medium)

533 LKR

4.  Cup of cappuccino

247 LKR

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Prices on products in supermarkets

1.  Bottle of water 0,5 liter

45.63 LKR

2.  Bottle of local beer 0,5 liter

235 LKR

3.  Bottle of imported beer 0,5 liter

317 LKR

4.  Bottle of wine 0.75 liter

500 LKR

5.  Bottle of Coca-Cola 0.5 liter

110 LKR

6.  Rice 1 kg

116 LKR

7.  Bottle of milk 1 liter

208 LKR

8.  Tomato 1 kg

58.17 LKR

9.  Loaf of bread 0.5 kg

123 LKR

10.  Banana 1 kg

115 LKR

11.  Oranges 1 kg

269 LKR

12.  Apples 1 kg

289 LKR

13.  Potato 1 kg

124 LKR

14.  Meat (pork) 1 kg

948 LKR

15.  Chicken breasts 1 kg

575 LKR

16.  Cheese 1 kg

1830 LKR

17.  Eggs 10 pieces

209 LKR

18.  Snickers 50 g

143 LKR

Prices of accommodation rental

1.  Double room in budget hostel

2729 LKR

2.  Rent of 1-bedroom apartment per day

3500 LKR

3.  Rent of 1-bedroom apartment per month

4000 LKR

Transportation costs

1.  Price of one-way ticket in public transport

34.60 LKR

2.  Price of monthly pass for public transport

2000 LKR

3.  Price of a taxi ride (average cost of trip in the city)

250 LKR

4.  Cost of renting a motorbike per day

1200 LKR

5.  Cost of renting a bicycle per day

500 LKR

6.  Cost of renting a car per day

5600 LKR

7.  Price of 1 liter of petrol 95

122 LKR

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Sri Lanka prices surprised me a lot! The main thing is that prices for locals and for tourists differ badly. All the local prices — be it cost of transportation, food or clothes — are really cheap and cost almost nothing. But if you want a bit more comfort (and in Sri Lanka you will definitely want it — at some point) prices increase dramatically! Tourist transportation, restaurants, hotels and especially entrance tickets to the local sights sometimes are equal to european — with the service not even close to european standards. That said, when going to Sri Lanka you have two choices — take more money with you or get ready to travel the way the locals do.