What to do in Paris for 3 days?


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1) Eiffel Tower. Then Metro to Notre Dame. Explore on foot — latin quarter to Marais/Pompidou Centre passing through the Louvre. Return for dinner/bars/nightife every evening
2) Louvre Museum + Other museums (Picasso/Orsay etc)
3) Sacre Coeur down to Arc De Triomphe. Explore the Seine — picnic/wine around there maybe and plan when you'll return…
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1 Day Champ'elysee,art de triump,layfette
1 Day Louve Musuem and Palace
1 Day Eiffel Tower, Siene River Cruise
3 full day is sufficient
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Night time river boat trip on seine
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My favorite places:
1) Eiffel Tower is a must — maybe combine with a ship tour on Saine.
2) Churches: Best: No1 Saint Chapelle (near to Notre Dame) No2. Sacre Coer No3. Notre Dame (i like the others more)
3) The Quarter in Monmatre (near Sacre Coer)
4) Louvre ( it's a must) but the «Centre Georges Pompidou» is more modern art and i liked it more.
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don't plan, relax and enjoy the cafes and food

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