What would you recommend to visit in Paris first of all?



Can you please tell me what would you recommend to visit in Paris first of all? I’ve already tried to google it but it would be great to get some personal recommendations about the main place that impressed you most of all!

Thanks in advance!

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Centre Pompidou… behind it is one big road and there behind lots of typical,old roads with little markets etc., in front of it are many small shops and a very lively square
Le Sentier — the area around le Boulevard Sébastopol — famous for many, many small textilists and fabric/suppliers, designers
Les Jardins
Mont Martre (one of my favorite areas… walk the stairs up the hill and enjoy
Puces de Saint-Ouen/Clignancourt — huuuuge fleamarket
The areas left and right of the Champs Élysée
And sooooo much more
Thank you so much for your very helpful answer! I'll try to see all of your recommended places )
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visit the Louvre. Not for the Mona Lisa, but everything else. It is really amazing, All the things that were stolen from Greece, Egypt, etc. Very definitely worth a whole day.
Thank you, Robert!
All the things that were stolen from Greece, Egypt, etc.:):):):) yes!!!
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hi, easiest way go to Pont Saint-Michel metro station, in here you found the notre dame, this are most beutiful. after to south 15 minute walk to phanteon turn west to Le Jardin du Luxembourg other 10 minutes walk.
40 minutes walk to Hôtel des Invalides same direction, first time little long, but you see paris stile and feeling everywhere, after this more 20 minutes to eiffel tower is so amazing.
not to popular, but i like it the Pont de Bir Hakeim bridge from here 12 minutes walk (many movies make in here).
other 40 minutes walk to Arc de Triomphe to north, but across this way the Trocadéro Square so you not bored this. Arc de Triomphe careful, traffic is crazy and busy, search the underpass, hard to see but have. and from here turn back to original start to east you across the 1 hour just wak but you stap the Champs-Élysées, Pont Alexandre-III bridge ( this location and area have Petit Palais, the entrace is FREE) Place de la Concorde, Les Tuileries and the Louvre.
So you follow this little harcore legday line in a one day you say 70 % parts of paris.
i hope i help,
Thank you for your great recommendations and so helpful comments how to get to the places you have suggested!
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I recommend all of the above places. Don’t miss following;
1. Eiffel Tower
2. Arch de Triumphs
3 sacre de coeur
4. Louvre museum.
5. Saint Elise place
6. Napoleon tomb
7:. OIE
Thank you.
Kind regards,
Banshi sharma
Thank you, Banshi! I'll try to visit all of this places for sure )
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Eiffel tower of course, a first look at the city and then louvre and orsay if you like art.
Thank you, Dimitra!
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Place Vendome, Trocadero, Place d'Etoile, Eifeltower, Sacre Coeur, Samaritaine, Louvre and all un between.
Thank you, Christian!
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Place Deauphine. I felt there the true heart of Paris.
Thanks, Cristina! )
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Apart from the usual things that will be posted
Musée d’Orsay. Old Railway Station converted into museum
Promenade Plante A walk along an old railway line high above road level with great views of buildings
Place Vosges and Marais area. Kletzmer buskers and good food stalls
Canal St Martin
Have a great time
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Sacre Coeur church!
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For good bars, restaurants, bistros, etc. Le Marais and Quartier Latin.
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You should go first to Fountaine Saint Michel, Is a very nice place and once there you are close (on foot) to most of the famous places: Notre Dame, Louvre, D’Orsay, Orangerie, Jardin de Luxembourg, Pantheon, Musse de cluny, Saint Chapelle, Le Centre Pompidou, Quai Voltaire, Musée de la Shoa, Tulleries, Hôtel de Ville, Place Vendome, Palais Garnier, Place de la Concorde, Saint Sulpice, Sorbonne, Rue de Mouffetard, Petit palace, Grand Palace, Pont Alexandre XIII, champs elysees and Arc de Triomphe,
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Paris has a lot of sightseeing to visit first of all you have to first. It depends for how many days you have for tourism. take the sightseeing bus. So you can choose what you want to see exactly. Amanda.
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Always Hop On Hop Off tour. Cheap way to get a sense of the city, how it's laid out, spots you want to return to. Some cities aren't good candidates for a Hop On into (egs Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Tokyo all too sprawling and congested) but it works really well in Paris. There is so much to see in a relatively condensed space.
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Depends what you want. You want view: Eiffel tower. A sense of traffic: arc de triomphe, Daytime entertainment: centre George Pompidou and Bigalle. Culture: Louvre. Ecole militaire
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Eiffel Tower
and the trocadero esplanade

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