What are the best cities to visit in Spain?


Barcelona is the most popular city to visit in Spain. But would you really recommend to visit it? And what other cities in Spain would you recommend to visit?

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Granada, Cordoba a sud, Salamanca, Toledo e Madrid a nord
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Depends what you want. Romance as a coiple:Tossa de mar. Nightlife: Ibizza and Teneriffa. Desert and loneliness: Extremadura. Landscape and vlimayic diversity: Teneriffa. Star gazing: Gran Canaria.
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Hi Olka! Of course! Spain has a wide variety of places. Depends on what you are looking for: main cities to visit are Barcelona and Madrid.

But you have nature and green mountains in Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria. Beaches and sun in Valencia, Alicante…

History and Monuments in Cordoba, Granada...also snow in winter!

What are you looking for?
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Sevilla, Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Bilbao (Guggenheim), Salamanca
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Toledo, Burges, San-Sebastian, Madrid, Barcelona
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Barcelona, Sevilha, Salamanca
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Best is relevant to the individual and their experience. It's like asking what's your favorite country to visit because each has it's unique qualities. I myself, love Barcelona. It's an exciting city with wonderful small market areas.
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Barcelona hands down…make sure you go to Montserrat too
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Surprise nobody mentioned Ronda and Zaragoza
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Barcelona And Malaga the two cheapest flights
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Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, Malaga y Sevilla
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I would add Segovia, Toledo and Avila. The first two are easily visited from Madrid.

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