Issyk Kul

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Issyk-kul is one of the best resorts in Central Asia. An infinite lake view, marine sand, cool water and windy weather, fresh air, nice people and specific trees: Juniper, Birch and others… All these let you experience a good summer holiday. Go there if you want to harmonize your life with nature. On my way to Issyk-kul I counted about 10 cemetries, small in size, not walled and grraves near to each other in it, which are not usual for the country I come from — Uzbekistan. Though we share a lot of traditions and lifestyle with Kyrgyzs. Locals say it is because of the lack of the land. Cemeteries in almost two kilometres, if I can say so, was something specific to observe. When Uzbeks travel and bring something (especially dried fruits), they offer it to other people, saying the gifts are sacred, as they passed by graveyards of great people. So I told my parents that the Kyrgyz kuruts (Central Asian cheeseballs) I brought from KZ really passed by plenty of places where many great souls are resting in piece.

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